The whole system has been validated by the scientific management , health and administrative , audited committee ethical , followed by the legal department about privacy and being certified by an external body such as the University of Milan Bicocca by prof. Cabitza Federico specializing in Healthcare Information Technology ( HIT ).

Maximum security :

The data is anonymized if it extends out of the hospital , communications take place via a middleware and VPN , the data presented to the Internet is completely anonymous.
WEB SSL connections are used.

The Datacenter is on multiple machines redundant and repeated every 15 min for disaster recovery; the data are the property of the hospital and the doctor in charge and can be exported to any moment in a structured database , which means that they can used in a high dl owners software.




For security reasons, the architecture cannot be publicly disclosed, we invite you to contact us to learn our approach on how to keeped secured Data, Network, Application and availability.