Spinereg is free, since it’s the platform is the lowest cost impact in a registry project

details on datareg.eu


Savings on personnel

Our registries are the highest level of automation tech available, one datamanager can handle patients recontacting and monitoring on a dashboard



Government – fundings for registries

Local governaments are interested in benchmarking health impact of hospitals, health expense appropriateness, p4p pay for performance, track records



Sponsorship appeal

Medical Devices companies are interested in trials, C.E. brand / implants efficiency monitoring



Join – Entrance fee for particular studies

Some properties exclusion may not initially adopt the software but would like to participate in a given study / project by paying a fee to the main hospital



Enforce – Best practices

Through “live”  outcomes, apply and monitor best practices based on EBM



Time – Saving surgeons time

Achieving efficiency with an automated workflow

You can then see the data through a real-time dashboard , just compiled .



Publish – Higher value to your scientific publications

Publications based on outcomes are based on EBM solid data and certificates.